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New marriages jump, lottery tickets sell out on auspicious 12-12-12

Today is the day. The day for what, well, that’s your choice. Today’s date is a numerical oddity, 12/12/12. Many are hoping for a bit of luck as they make some big life choices.

Down at City Hall, things were pretty busy as couples flooded to lower Manhattan to tie the knot.

“It was all her. She wanted 12/12/12 and I went along with it,” one new husband says about today’s nuptials.


This couple rushed to get married at the bride’s insistence that they marry on the auspicious day

Hundreds of marriage licenses were issued today, with a dozen reasons to make everything extra special.

Superstitions show wearing black could be a bad omen today, and the consistent numbers may play too much importance in our minds, but with all bad omens aside, most say it’s a time to feel good about dishing out some bills for a big payout.

Lottery tickets flushed out fast this morning. The number 12 sold out early this morning.

“It’s a lucky and unique day,” one New Yorker says with a grin on his face.
The next time there will be a day like today…January 1st, 2101. Or, 1/1/1


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