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Man arrested in string of cowardly, violent robberies against the elderly

EAST VILLAGE (PIX11) – Cops arrested 33-year-old Freddie Keitt in connection with a brutal elevator robbery against a 75-year-old Greenwich Village woman.

On December 8th, police say he follower Yvonne Sherwell into her West 13th Street building and stole her purse.

Today, at a precinct in Manhattan, Sherwell and his three other female victims, identified Keitt in a line-up.

“Yes, I pointed out someone to cops,” said a victim who did not give her name.

Police said between December 4th and 9th, he used a gun to rob a 58 year old woman in Far Rockaway.  Then attacked two women, in their 20′s, in the East Village and in Gramercy Park with a knife.

NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said security guards noticed Keitt lingering around Stuyvesant Town last night, called police and they arrested him on all four robberies.

None of the victims were hurt.  Keitt is awaiting arraignment at central booking in Manhattan.


1 Comment to “Man arrested in string of cowardly, violent robberies against the elderly”

    eric kaplan said:
    December 12, 2012 at 11:18 PM

    TNB. Trigger nigger. He can be put to use at Rikers as a banana peeler. Loiters in a complex when he knows he’s wanted. Dumb-ass, punk-ass, broke-ass!

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