Arrest made in bleach attack on rabbi who spoke out against sex abuse

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There’s been an arrest in the chemical attack on a rabbi who advocates for sex abuse victims.

PIX11 first told you about the attack on rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg yesterday — Mei-lech Schnitzler has been charged with assault and menacing for allegedly throwing bleach on the rabbi in Williamsburg yesterday afternoon.


Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg

“He takes a full cup of bleach and he spilled it onto me. Half of my face is burned, and my left eye, I can’t see right out of it. I see everything very faded.”

The attack happened one day after a jury convicted a prominent Satmar Hasidic man, Nechemya Weberman, of repeatedly molesting a student in the community, starting when she was just 12 years old. Weberman, an unlicensed counselor, faces up to 117 years in prison, when he’s sentenced next month.  Many Hasidic men in the community raised money for his defense.

The trial exposed secrets about the alleged Satmar Hasidic “modesty squads” that allegedly raid the homes of girls and families that don’t follow the strict rules of the Hasidic community.

Rosenberg told detectives from Brooklyn’s 90th Precinct he was attacked by a relative of the fish store owner on Roebling Street.  After the conviction of Nechemya Weberman, Rosenberg wrote on his blog the fish store owner would be the next man arrested by police, writing cheekily the man should get his bags packed.  When PIX 11 went inside the store Tuesday afternoon, no owner was present, just several workers who said they didn’t speak English.

Detectives took Rosenberg’s black jacket and pants—typical of those worn by Satmar Hasidic men—as forensic evidence in the case.  The rabbi left the hospital wearing scrubs, because his clothing was taken by the police.

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  • truth

    I always thought the hasidic community were nice people.
    I'm way off!!!
    These people rather keep their problems to themselves and not share any information as to what's going on within their own group to the outside world.
    When you hear a hasidic man talking or writing the truth, he's in danger from his own people.
    What kind of people are we living with???
    All those hasid's that wanted to help the man who molested the little girl are just as guilty.
    I hope the family of the little girl moves out of that corrupt community.
    They should convert because it's obvious this religion like any other is bull shit.

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