Wendy Williams’ audience booes her after making mean Beyonce comment

Wendy Williams is getting flak for mocking Beyonce’s grammar.

Williams was talking about Beyonce’s new HBO documentary when she basically called Beyonce dumb, saying Beyonce “sounds like she has a fifth grade education.”

The audience booed Williams on her show for what she said.

Williams got a little defensive but did say she’s a fan of Beyonce’s.

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  • Chininqua

    Wendy Williams love your every move and beyonce don’t like her she don’t teach the kids shit she must drop out how she talk

  • Geeman44

    Hey ms Williams mouth got her in trouble with Toni Braxton and the same with the radio station also it’s always her mouth yes she is very out spoken but shut the hell up some damn time ok

  • leslie

    Hey Wendy wouldn’t be Wendy if she didn’t speak her mind. Bsides who would watch her if she wasn’t scandalous!!!!

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