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Queens statue — eyesore to some, art to others — is moving

A controversial statue is on the move again. This time it’s headed to a cemetery.

The New York City Design Commission voted on November 13 to grant a long-term loan of “Triumph of Civic Virtue”  to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Cemetery staff gave a presentation at the public hearing. However, neighbors who do not want the statue moved from its present location, say they did not know about the public hearing. Previously, the Queens Community Board in Kew Gardens voted to keep the statue at Queens Borough Hall.


Controversial Queens statue to be moved to cemetary

The statue has been in Queens since 1941. Mayor La Guardia had it moved there from City Hall in Manhattan because he did not like looking out his office window at the statue’s bare backside.

The cemetery, a national historic landmark, says it and the city will share in the cost of the move. The cemetery will restore the sculpture, which was created by Frederick McMonnies in the 1922.

Supporters of the statue are planning a rally on Saturday, Dec 8 at 11:30 a.m. NYC Councilmember Peter Vallone has been critical of the process to move the statue.


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